• RKN-103 M

    RKN-103 M

    RKN-103 M Orlett RKN-103 (M) bandage stabilizes and relieves the knee joint, limits pathological movements in it. The bandage is…

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  • RKN-203


    RKN-203 Orlett RKN-203 knee orthosis provides a strong knee joint fixation and its lateral stabilization. Two polycentric hinges provide normal…

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  • BUSINESS 1-2 class

    BUSINESS 1-2 class

    VENOTEKS BUSINESS  Knee High stockings for men   Article: 1C154 Compression class I (15-21 mmHg) Composition 53% cotton, 35% nylon,…

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  • Classic, 2 class

    Classic, 2 class

    VENOTEKS CLASSIC medical compression stockings Class 2   Article: 2C113 Knee High with open toe Composition 80% nylon, 20% elastane   Article: 2С114 Knee Highs with closed toe Composition 80% nylon, 20% elastane   Article: 2С213…

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  • Classic, 3 class

    Classic, 3 class

    VENOTEKS CLASSIC medical compression stockings Class 3   Article: 3С113 Knee High with open toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane   Article: 3С114 Knee High with closed toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane  Article: 3C213 Thigh High…

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  • 1 class Comfort

    1 class Comfort

    VENOTEKS COMFORT microfiber compression stockings for women Class 1 Article: 1C102 Composition 80 % polyamide, 20 % elastane Article: 1C202 Composition…

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  • 2 class Comfort

    2 class Comfort

    VENOTEKS COMFORT microfiber compression stockings for women Class 2 Article: 2С102 Composition 77 % polyamide, 23 % elastane Article: 2С202 Composition…

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  • 1 class ELEGANCE

    1 class ELEGANCE

    VENOTEKS  ELEGANCE  transparent  compression  stockings  for  women 1  class Article:  1С104   Composition  79%  polyamide,  21%  elastane Article:  1C204   Composition  78 % …

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