what we do

Since 2004 German company Rehard Technologies GmbH operates in healthcare. Dealing with Rehabilitation segment Company provides solutions for treatment and prophylaxis to maintain people’s life quality.

We evaluate and summarize professional experience of physicians and orthopedic technicians all over the world and using our Research and Development skills and Technology we produce variety of sophisticated orthopedic solutions and medical tools for our brands:

  • Wide range of orthopedic supports, functional braces and specific devices
  • Compression hosiery and garments
  • Care solutions

Sharpening our technologies and working over materials, we do our utmost, to make our solutions available for consumers and professionals in different countries.
Being a designer and a producer of our orthopedic and medical products we do care of the availability of our solutions for the consumer and we do promote our brands and help our retail partners to sell.


Rehard Technologies GmbH requires all of its directors, officers and employees to observe high standards of integrity and honesty, and to act with care, diligence and fairness in all business activities. All business interactions are conducted in an ethical and legal manner.

In our everyday business activities we ask ourselves:

  • Is it illegal?
  • Should I feel uncomfortable if everyone knew what I did?
  • Is the decision or action I am going to take in line with our core values and this code of conduct?
  • Have I understood the risk and the possible implications of what I am doing?
  • If necessary, have I sought advice to help me make an informed decision?
  • Am I leading by example?
  • Have I considered any potential impact on Company’s reputation?

How will I feel if the action I take today is featured in the newspaper or on television tomorrow?