Compression therapy

The VENOTEKS brand is a wide range of compression hosiery that optimally combines quality, efficiency, elegance and affordability.  We manufacture our products on the basis of modern technologies  using high-quality materials such as nylon , elastane , cotton and microfiber . These materials have quality and environmental certificates of compliance. VENOTEKS stockings is certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-T EX system , which guarantees compliance with European standards.  Before shipment to consumers, products undergo strict quality control and control of compression parameters.

Rehard Technologies GmbH cares about its customers and is constantly improving its assortment so that the products not only guarantee health, but meet modern fashion trends and high comfort requirements imposed by a modern user.


The healing properties of VENOTEKS are based on the fact that each product exerts pressure (compression) on the soft tissues and then on the walls of the veins evenly along the entire circumference of the leg. Permanent compression physiologically distributed accurately calculated, dosed and measured in mmHg. The compression parameters of medical stockings are incorporated in the sophisticated modern technology of their manufacture. Compression is maximal in the ankle area and gradually decreases towards the knee and thigh in the following percentage: ankle 100%, upper leg 70%, middle third of the thigh 40%.

The knee-highs create an additional frame to support the veins and protect them from excessive stretching by constant blood pressure. The compression properties of VENOTEKS stockings are guaranteed to last 6 months.

  • BUSINESS 1-2 class

    BUSINESS 1-2 class

    VENOTEKS BUSINESS  Knee High stockings for men   Article: 1C154 Compression class I (15-21 mmHg) Composition 53% cotton, 35% nylon,…

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  • Classic, 2 class

    Classic, 2 class

    VENOTEKS CLASSIC medical compression stockings Class 2   Article: 2C113 Knee High with open toe Composition 80% nylon, 20% elastane   Article: 2С114 Knee Highs with closed toe Composition 80% nylon, 20% elastane   Article: 2С213…

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  • Classic, 3 class

    Classic, 3 class

    VENOTEKS CLASSIC medical compression stockings Class 3   Article: 3С113 Knee High with open toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane   Article: 3С114 Knee High with closed toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane  Article: 3C213 Thigh High…

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  • 1 class Comfort

    1 class Comfort

    VENOTEKS COMFORT microfiber compression stockings for women Class 1 Article: 1C102 Composition 80 % polyamide, 20 % elastane Article: 1C202 Composition…

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  • 2 class Comfort

    2 class Comfort

    VENOTEKS COMFORT microfiber compression stockings for women Class 2 Article: 2С102 Composition 77 % polyamide, 23 % elastane Article: 2С202 Composition…

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  • 1 class ELEGANCE

    1 class ELEGANCE

    VENOTEKS  ELEGANCE  transparent  compression  stockings  for  women 1  class Article:  1С104   Composition  79%  polyamide,  21%  elastane Article:  1C204   Composition  78 % …

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  • 2 class ELEGANCE

    2 class ELEGANCE

    VENOTEKS ELEGANCE transparent compression stockings for women Class 2 Article:2С104   Composition 77 % polyamide, 23 % elastane Article: 2С204  Composition 75…

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    Article: 2R236 Article: 2R237  wide Composition 65% nylon, 35% elastane  White color   Features Hospital stockings HOSPITAL PRO23 are an effective means…

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    Article: 1А100   Knee- highs Article: 1A210   Stockings with silicone elastic Article: 1А211   Stockings on the belt Article: 1А212   Stockings with silicone elastic with…

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