Classic, 3 class

VENOTEKS CLASSIC medical compression stockings Class 3


Article: 3С113 Knee High with open toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane  

Article: 3С114 Knee High with closed toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane 

Article: 3C213 Thigh High with open toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane  

Reference: 3C214 Thigh High with closed toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% spandex 

Article: 3C313 Tights   with open toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane  

Article: 3C314 Tights with closed toe Composition 75% nylon, 25% elastane 


LENGTH standard


Standard colors: beige, black


  • Medical compression hosiery compression grade 3 (34-46 mmHg.) Fatigue and heaviness in the legs, reduces swelling, prevents the progression of varicosity and development of its complications.
  • Numerous clinical studies with the participation of members of the Association of Phlebologists confirm the medical efficacy of CLASSIC products.
  • The fabric of the product looks as similar as possible to ordinary knitwear and at the same time has high compression properties.
  • The matte opaque canvas of golfs allows you to mask dilated veins and other cosmetic defects.
  • At the basis of the canvas, a core thread is used, which creates the necessary gradient of the therapeutic pressure.
  • The knitted heel provides a secure fixation of the product on the foot.
  • Compression properties are guaranteed for 6 months of daily use.

Indications for use

compression hosiery of the 3rd class of compression 

  • Varicose veins with trophic disorders.
  • Severe edematous syndrome with varicose nodes and the presence of seals along the veins.
  • Deep vein thrombosis.
  • Chronic thrombophlebitis of superficial veins.
  • Post-thrombophlebitis disease.
  • Severe lymphovenous insufficiency.
  • Venous trophic ulcers in the healing stage.
  • The presence of arterio-venous shunt in ( Parks- Weber syndrome ), congenital under development of the deep vein valves of the lower extremities ( Klippel-Trenone syndrome ).