Supports and orthoses

For 15 years now, ORLETT has been giving joy of movement to people by offering an opportunity to lead a normal life, regardless of the circumstances.

Throughout its history, ORLETT has become for many people a real MAINSTAY and PROTECTION, by guarding against diseases and helping to recover from injuries of the locomotor system.

Expert know-how in the field of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of movements embodied in each ORLETT product allow us to offer each user surprisingly simple and affordable solutions. The highest quality of each product guarantees its reliability, regardless of the complexity and duration of treatment.

Our products are made by people and for people, therefore we realize how important it is for you to maintain a normal lifestyle and reduce the cost of orthopedic treatment.

ORLETT is constantly moving forward and secures the latest clinical solutions meeting the health care standards for its clients. This way, both the physician and the patient can be sure of a favorable treatment result.

The Orlett product range includes:

  • a line of dynamic orthoses for people living an active life.
  • a range of pediatric orthoses designed for effective rehabilitation after injuries and diseases of the locomotor system in children.
  • A range of medical bandages and orthoses designed for all major joint groups and intended for the prevention and treatment of injuries to and diseases of the locomotor system.


All products of Rehard Technologies comply with the German Act on Medical Devices and EU directives. ISO 13485 certificate guarantees the quality of Orlett.


  • Junior / AS-302(P)

    Junior / AS-302(P)

    AS-302 (R) Orlett AS-302 (R) shoulder orthosis is used both as an individual method of immobilization, and in combination with…

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  • Junior / CS-160(R)

    Junior / CS-160(R)

    CS-160(R) Clavicular dressing (reclinator), part number CS-160(P) is a high-tech version of the Delbe rings designed for conservative treatment of…

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  • Junior / DKN-203(P)

    Junior / DKN-203(P)

    DKN-203(P) Orlett DKN-203(R) orthosis on the knee joint provides an easy fixation and uniform compression, helps reduce swelling and improve…

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  • Junior / HFO-110

    Junior / HFO-110

    HFO-110 The Orlett hip orthosis fixes the hip joint in the abduction position (Lorenz position), which ensures a correct position…

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  • Junior / HP-B (P)

    Junior / HP-B (P)

    HP-B (P) The Orlett orthopedic umbilical hernial bandage is designed to retain hernial protrusion. The bandage worn by children under…

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  • Junior / LAB-201(P)

    Junior / LAB-201(P)

    LAB-201(P) Orlett LAB-201(R) orthosis is designed to stabilize the ankle joint and tarsal bones. The orthosis provides complete fixation of…

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  • Junior / RKN-203(P)

    Junior / RKN-203(P)

    RKN-203(P) Orlett knee orthosis RKN-203(R) ensures a strong fixation of the knee joint. The model has a detachable design, which…

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  • Junior / WFG-100(P)

    Junior / WFG-100(P)

    WFG-100(P) Orlett WFG-100(Р) metacarpophalangeal joint orthosis provides a strong fixation of metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints. The metal splint fixes the…

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  • Junior / WRS-302(P)

    Junior / WRS-302(P)

    WRS-302(P) Orlett WRS-302 (Р) wrist orthosis provides complete fixation and immobilization of the wrist joint and the first metacarpophalangeal joint…

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