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Clavicular dressing (reclinator), part number CS-160(P) is a high-tech version of the Delbe rings designed for conservative treatment of uncomplicated clavicle fractures in children, providing reliable repositioning and fixation of the clavicles after repositioning. Clavicular dressing is also used for other injuries and disorders of sternoclavicular joints.

Due to the fact that the bandage provides effective retraction of the shoulders backward while shifting the angles of scapulae to the spinal column, it may be used as a reclinator in various postural disorders. The bandage helps reduce the tension of shoulder girdle muscles,  eliminates the impact of muscle hypertonicity on clavicles and spinal column due to spinal cord straightening.

Retention degree: high

Color: Green

Size: S/M, L/ XL

Composition: 55% polyamide, 25% polyurethane, 5% polyester, 15% polyoxymethylene

Indications for use:

  • Treatment of clavicle fractures.
  • Injuries to the acromioclavicular joint.
  • Inflammatory and degenerative damages of the acromioclavicular joint.
  • Scoliosis I-II degree of the thoracic spine.
  • Various types of postural disorders in children.


  • Individual intolerance of product materials

Select in size:

Please measure the chest circumference at the level of axillary cavities using a tape measure to correctly choose the appropriate size of the Orlett CS-160(P) clavicle support. Subsequently, please use the table as below:

65-80 cm
50-65 cm
Size of Orlett clavicular dressing, part number CS-160(R) Chest circumference (cm)
S/M 50-65 cm
L/XL 65-80 cm


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