Article: 2R236

Article: 2R237  wide

Composition 65% nylon, 35% elastane 

White color



  • Hospital stockings HOSPITAL PRO23 are an effective means of complex prevention of venous thrombus formation in patients with moderate to high risk.
  • Hospital stockings HOSPITAL PRO23 2nd compression class (23 - 25 mmHg.) - indispensable tool after the procedure phlebosclerosis and after surgery on the lower extremities veins.
  • The necessary therapeutic effect is provided due to physiologically distributed graduated compression and a viscous product according to the anatomical shapes of the leg;
  • The elastic knitting of the fabric provides convenience when donning in the postoperative period.
  • The tight fit and correct distribution of compression thanks to the anatomical knitting ensures effective prevention of venous thrombosis.
  • The silicone rubber band provides a secure fit on the thigh.
  • Color-coded stripes below the elastic shorten sizing time.
  • The open toe reduces the likelihood of fungal infection, allows for microcirculation control and toe care.
  • Both hand and machine washable and autoclavable for multiple use.
  • Guaranteed preservation of compression properties for 30 days of daily use.

Indications for use

Hospital jersey of the 2nd class of compression

  • For the prevention of venous thromboembolic complications for patients with moderate and high risk.
  • After phlebosclerosis .
  • After surgery on the veins of the lower extremities.