BUSINESS 1-2 class

VENOTEKS BUSINESS  Knee High stockings for men


Article: 1C154 Compression class I (15-21 mmHg)

Composition 53% cotton, 35% nylon, 12% elastane


Article: 2C154 Compression class II (23-32 mmHg)

Composition: 47% cotton, 40% nylon, 13% elastane

Standard colors: black, blue, beige. Additional colors are available.


Modern medical compression knitwear for energetic business men.

Soft, comfortable, stylish knee socks with a high content of cotton will fit any style of clothing. The main components of the fabric are natural cotton and microfiber, which ensure the softness and environmental friendliness of the products. Microfiber makes knee socks silky and elastic.This combination of materials, as well as the" men's " knitting of the fabric in a ribbed pattern, is comfort, convenience and aesthetic appearance.

Indications for use

1st class

* swelling of the legs in the evening, heaviness and fatigue, a feeling of fullness in the absence of external signs of venous lesions;

* pain in the legs after a static load;

* hereditary predisposition to venous diseases;

* prevention of venous thrombosis;

* vascular asterisks, meshes, and single dilated veins (up to 5 cm long).

2nd class

* severe swelling of the legs that does not pass by the morning;

* frequent nocturnal cramps of the calf muscles;

* prevention of venous thrombosis at moderate and high risk of their formation;

* dilated veins longer than 5 cm, multiple dilated veins, varicose veins without trophic disorders.


  1. 1. special knitting of the elastic prevents slipping
  2. 2. massage area relieves fatigue
  3. 3. physiologically distributed compression improves blood circulation
  4. 4. highly elastic knit prevents wrinkling
  5. 5. “Anatomical” heel zone provides a perfect fit on the leg
  6. 6. soft seam does not rub fingers
  7. 7. anti-stress sole maintains optimal temperature and breathability