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ORLETT NB-106 cervical spine brace, a versatile orthosis for the treatment of pain caused both by functional and organic disorders of the cervical spine.

The bandage reliably fixes the cervical spine thanks to a dense foam base and removable stabilizing plastic pelotte.

Thanks to the anatomical modeling technology, the bandage perfectly follows the contour of the neck. Anatomical matching and soft materials which are very nice on the touch provide comfortable wearing, which is especially important if you have to use a bandage for a long time.

The removable stabilizing plastic pelotte ensures a strong fixation of the cervical spine, the correct position of the neck and normal functioning of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus to normalize blood circulation of the cervical spine and brain and avoid the impairment of nerve transmission.

Outside the disease exacerbation period, when medium fixation is sufficient, a plastic pelotte can be removed from the Schantz collar.

Retention degree: high.

Composition: 43% polyurethane foam, 16% polyester, 15% polyethylene, 13% ethylene vinyl acetate, 10% polyamide, 3% elastane.


  • Rehabilitation after injuries and cervical spine surgery.
  • Pain syndrome in the cervical spine.
  • Osteochondrosis and other degenerative diseases of the cervical spine.
  • Vertebrobasilar insufficiency
  • Cervical nerve root syndrome.


Individual intolerance of product materials


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