Travel 1-2 class

Article: 1C155 Compression class I (15-21 mmHg ) Composition : 90% nylon 10% elastane

Article: 2C155 Compression class II (23-32 mmHg ) Composition 90% nylon 10% elastane 


Standard colors: black, blue. Additional colors available.



Modern medical compression hosiery for women and men who go on a journey. Soft, comfortable, stylish knee-highs with a high microfiber content (78%).


Indications for use

Compression class 1

  • swelling of the legs in the evening, heaviness and fatigue, a feeling of fullness in the absence of external signs of venous lesions;
  • pain in the legs after static load;
  • hereditary predisposition to venous diseases;
  • prevention of venous thrombosis;
  • spider veins, reticules and single dilated veins (up to 5 cm long).


Compression class 2

  • severe swelling of the legs, which does not go away by morning;
  • frequent night cramps of the calf muscles;
  • prevention of venous thrombosis at moderate and high risk of their formation;
  • expansion of a vein more than 5 cm long, multiple dilated veins, varicose nodes without trophic disorders.