Lymphoedema armsleeves and gloves

Article: 2L504 Armsleeve

Article: 2L506 Armsleeve with hand grip 

Article: 2L507 Armsleeve with hand grip and shoulder strap

Articles: 2L607 Glove 

LENGTH standard


2nd class of compression 26-32 mm Hg.

Therapeutic compression sleeves are a modern and effective means for the prevention and treatment of lymphatic edema of the upper extremities. The compression sleeve restores the outflow of lymph from the tissues of the hand, quickly and effectively relieves swelling, brings relief in a short time and improves the quality of life . Medical compression sleeves are made using modern circular knitting technology, have a porous structure that allows the skin to breathe, and makes the product comfortable and The sleeve is securely fixed on the shoulder without twisting, slipping or creasing, the absence of seams prevents injury to the skin. The sleeve can be worn under clothing without being noticed by others.

Compression glove for patients with lymphovenous insufficiency

2nd class of compression 26-32 mm Hg. Art. A decongestant glove is used for upper limb lymphedema with swelling in the wrist. The compression glove restores the outflow of lymph from the tissues of the hand, quickly and effectively relieves swelling, brings relief in a short time and improves the quality of life.

In case of isolated swelling of the hand, the glove is worn separately. In case of edema of the entire upper limb, it can be combined with sleeve art. 500 (without gripping the hand), take off the glove to do the work and put it back on after completing the activity.



  • Optimal physiologically distributed pressure, maximum in the wrist area, gradually decreasing towards the upper third of the shoulder;
  • Compression parameters are incorporated in the sophisticated modern technology of their manufacture;
  • Compression is precisely calculated, dosed and measured in millimeters of mercury;
  • Effective hold on the shoulder, does not roll or overtighten the arm;
  • The special technology of circular knitting without seams prevents skin injury , ensures the temperature and water balance of the skin;
  • Soft, hypoallergenic , breathable fabric;
  • Guaranteed preservation of compression properties for 6 months of daily use;
  • It is produced from modern, safe materials that provide active air about - and moisture exchange . LatexFree .


Indications for use

Primary lymphedema (congenital anomalies of the lymphatic system, Milroy's disease , juvenile lymphedemia , etc.);

Secondary lymphedema :

  • conditions after mastectomy and radiation therapy;
  • with damage to the lymphatic vessels due to trauma;
  • with damage to the lymphatic vessels due to operations and deep burns;
  • complication of erysipelas of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue;
  • complication with prolonged limitation of hand mobility against the background of strokes, the use of plaster casts, tennis elbow syndrome and other diseases;

Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis of the veins of the shoulder and forearm (including post-injection complications).


  • Diseases of the arteries (obliterating atherosclerosis, endarteritis, diabetic polyneutropathy and angiopathy );
  • Cardiopulmonary insufficiency;
  • Acute soft tissue infection
  • Local skin diseases;
  • Individual intolerance to the materials that make up the knitwear;
  • Sensory impairment.